Volunteers Are A Source Of Comfort To Animals

Volunteering is a wonderful opportunity to interact with animals and it is rewarding to see how some humans have that special connection with a certain animal. There is an organisation that understands this linked connection and they use volunteers with a dog for therapy. The organisation is called Halo, which is short for Human Assisted Link Oklahoma.

This is a wonderful use for animal shelter rescued animals, who after being socialised can be taken, with their special volunteer to this facility, to sign on to assist in therapeutic visits with hospitals, schools, senior citizens organisations and communities. Becoming beneficial to people who are recovering from life changes or tragedies. Just being with a dog is therapeutic, lowers blood pressure, calms you, and takes your mind off your problems. As your non-judgemental friend the dog understands, after all, he has been there, so of course he understands.

Dogs sense when a person is sad, and they instinctively want to kiss you better. They bring a smile to anyone’s face with their boundless enthusiasm, and one would swear some dogs can smile.

Just as people are a source of comfort to animals, they are a source of comfort to people too, as nobody loves like a dog loves it’s owner or trainer.