Volunteering in Animal Rescue Centres When You Have Osteoarthritis

If you love animals, but you suffer from osteoarthritis, it should not stop you from volunteering at an animal rescue centre. Instead of feeling sorry for yourself, you should find the right centre to volunteer at, and you will be surprised that the feeling of satisfaction you get when doing what you love will make the pain associated with the disease subside. You, however, need to take extra care so that you do not aggravate the situation. Some of the tips that will help are:

Talk to Doctor First

Before you start the volunteer activities, you should first have a conversation with your doctor on where you will be volunteering and the kind of activities that you will be doing. This is for them to know if they need to add something to your treatment regimen. Moreover, it is always advisable that the doctors know what you are up to when you have a chronic disease like osteoarthritis.

Always Carry Your Medication

Many treatment options are given to people who suffer from osteoarthritis to help them manage their condition. When you are going to the volunteer centre, you should carry your medication with you. Be open to the people at the rescue centre about your condition so that they can assign you more natural roles. Remember that the essence of volunteering is to make the animals feel better and you can do this by doing something as simple as petting them.

Take it Easy

Do not exert too much pressure on yourself. Take things easy and embrace more straightforward roles depending on how advanced your condition is. You can take up lighter duties that do not involve you running up and about and putting pressure on your joints. If you start feeling pain, take a break.