Tips on How to Find Your Lost Dog

Many are times our dogs go astray and end up getting lost, whether knowingly or unknowingly. Now, what do you do, especially if you didn’t have it microchipped, or it doesn’t have a tracker? In this guide, we have shared five tips to help you trace your lost dog.

1. Check Your Home First

Often, dog owners panic for nothing. Before declaring your dog lost, make sure to check around your home thoroughly. Maybe your dog is taking a nap somewhere, or it is trapped within a room. It could have also gone for an outing and will be back soon. After you have made sure that it’s not anywhere around, you can extend your search.

2. Comb the Surrounding Area

The next thing is to comb the surrounding area, and here, you had better be prepared. Ensure you have protective clothing and outdoor shoes like Tamaris boots, or other footwear to guarantee your safety. This is because outdoor searches will take you through some treacherous paths and environments. Check the bushes, thickets, woods, and other places where your dog might have gone. It’s also important to tag along with a friend during this mission.

3. Go Social

As you look around for it, you should also consider going social. Make posts alerting the community about a lost dog, and leave your contact details. Besides social media, there are several organisations where you can report a lost dog, for example, Animal Search UK and the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA).

4. Distribute Posters and Flyers

Not everyone is on social media or will see your posts about your lost dog. If you have clear pictures of your dog, print them and add a description of it, as well as your contact details. Then, stick the posters on notice boards, and other places where they will be visible to the public. You can also produce flyers and distribute them randomly.

5. Consider a Reward

If you treasure your dog, it can also be a great idea to put up a reward for any leads that will help locate your dog. It could be ten pounds, twenty, fifty or more. With a reward, the community will be interested in helping to find the dog just to get the reward. Remember to highlight that the reward is strictly for good leads.

The above are some of the crucial tips to help you find your lost dog. If you are lucky enough to find it, ascertain whether it was accidental or it was running away. After that, take the necessary measures, including having it chipped, installing a tracker, and ensuring it’s comfortable in your home, and not bored or lonely.