The Social Media Trends Influence On Animal Fostering

YouTube channels show and tell their stories, while the in-action pictures on Instagram are heart-warming and make you rush out to contact your local shelter to foster.

The trend of fostering and adopting an animal from a shelter has taken off like wildfire and is trending on social media channels, where people worldwide who have fostered animals tell their stories. In turn, they become advocates for fostering of animals in shelters worldwide, adding some famous names to the list of advocates who themselves have fostered an animal from a shelter.

To foster a pet is as easy as contacting the number provided on the social media channel, site, or article. The fostering of a pet usually will lead to adoption, which is all to the good, as it’s another animal saved from being put down. Animal shelters worldwide are full of animals who do not find good homes. An average of 20 dogs and cats, per local authorities or county, are put to sleep daily. Dogs and cats are the most common animals in shelters, but occasionally there are horses, rabbits and even mice.

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Twitter too is alive with fostering an animal tweets, which can direct the viewer to articles and pictures. The animals in these shelters need all the social media help they can get, as they depend on the public’s humaneness to rescue them. An animal shelter in a small town in the USA started using social media in 2014 for adopting animal purposes. Their animal release for fostering and adopting ocial media response was 61% which just shows how the power of social media is a juggernaut that cannot be beaten.

A blog site in Australia saved the greyhounds through social media advertising when Australia banned greyhound racing. Their social media strategy worked as people knew nothing about greyhounds except dog-racing. They showed the lovable side of these dogs, who were put into shelters, and now they are finding homes. No animal should be harmed in a sport or for convenience sake, so if you, as an animal lover believe in animal rights, and need an animal, you can save one at least, by fostering. Every animal shelter will have contact details online, so if you see your local shelter advertise for foster parents for dogs or cats, be a hero and pick up the cell or mobile, phone them, and save an animal’s life today.