Organisation Of A Donation Station in Commercial Business

Volunteers from communities are necessary and non-profits such as animal rescue shelters can do with all the help they can get. They rely solely on donations from the public and businesses to feed and house many rescued animals. Donation stations are part of voluntary help that makes the difference.

Gearing to help

The first approach here would be to contact your local animal rescue shelter and sign on as a volunteer. Then with the advice of the animal rescue staff member approach your local chamber of commerce. Alternatively, you can do a survey of all the shops and outlets, vets as well as grooming parlours with the local area. With this information you can draft a letter requesting the opportunity to place a semi-permanent donation station at their premises, preferably at street level which can be manned by volunteers, doing alternate days.

This would be where the public and shoppers could donate anything they wanted. This can include dog and cat food, leashes, toys and blankets as well as listing donors for email addresses, events and future donations. Here is where you promote, promote, promote making community members aware of the plight of rescued animals. Also, have a pledge list for monthly donations available. This is the ideal situation for students on holidays, housewives, or senior citizens who want to give back to society. There are many unemployed and lonely people who would love the chance of being able to feel needed in this situation. The only criteria needed is reliability, and a love and care for animals whilst also being enthusiastic about the protection of animals in animal rescue shelters.