Importance Of The International Humane Society

The Humane Society International, also known as HSI, is the only animal protection organisation in the world dealing with all global animal abuse issues with effective results. The partner offices in 20 countries allow for their presence to be felt worldwide.

HSI is working towards banning the practice of using dogs and cats for food in Southeast Asian countries. The animals are kept in factories and the brutality of killing the animals in public street venues, where they sell them as food. It has HSI members working tirelessly to stop this abuse and ban this practice. HSI raided the factories, stopped the trucks transporting the animals and released the animals to shelters.

The Humane Society International is responsible for exposing and banning the fur trade, effectively banning the sale and use of ivory and the killing of elephants for their tusks. Exposing trophy killings of wild animals is an ongoing issue.

A huge success for IHS was exposure to the world of the commercial practice of culling of marine mammals, where laws were passed in those countries responsible for the culling, effectively stopping and banning the abuse.

HSI, is the active voice for the protection of animals, not just in the UK, but in numerous countries worldwide. Wherever there is animal abuse, they are there. Members fight tirelessly, not just by talking about saving animals, they act through activating members and donors to their cause to take the same actions of making the world a better place for animals everywhere.

The International Humane Society exposes the atrocities been inflicted on all animals worldwide. They then campaign with their millions of supporters to effectively ban or stop all practices that cause harm and death to animals. In the UK not just domestic animals are protected, but farm animals such as horses are protected from being used for human consumption, as well as wild animals like badgers and hares, and foxes who were used in hunts, but now have protection from that horrendous practice.

The beauty product manufacturing industry was effectively mobilised and motivated to manufacture their products free of animal testing, as have been many more industries. HSI is working on reducing the numbers of, and replacing laboratory used animals with scientifically engineered replacements. This is a huge undertaking and has changed the way the world works, thinks and uses products. They really are making a difference in the environment and making millions of humans more humane.