Fundraising Issues For Special Needs Animals

Animal Rescue is a non-profit organisation, and all the money that comes into the company will be through fundraising, which is usually donations and sponsors, and special events. Planning how to go about fundraising for special needs animals, and all that is involved in the animal rescue business needs a very comprehensive plan. This details what you need, and how you are going to make your non-profit sustainable. It takes good planning, organisation and determination.

What makes them special?

Special needs animals need special care, especially as they grow older. These animals, dogs or cats, may have physical disabilities which increase the older they get. They may have a chronic illness, be terminally ill, or have emotional and or behavioural problems from their disability. These require financial resources which an animal rescue shelter just does not have, but needs to supply, until the animal can be adopted or taken care of by a foster carer. It can be heartbreaking to see these animals suffer, and lots of follow-up medical attention will be needed.

Taking charge

Your fundraising plan should include more than just asking for donations from your regular letters to donors and appealing to the media. There are many various ways you as the fundraiser can utilise. Make use of your members and donors by increasing annual dues and pledges. In-kind donations, and volunteer services for outreach tables, getting involved with the community, brochures, direct mail, door to door canvassing and telemarketing. News articles in your local paper, and newsletters, and make the best use you can of social media. Hold special events, sales of good donated by the public, fees for services. Grants and sponsorships should be ongoing, not just one-offs.

Extending beyond

Joining with a pet food and products supplier/manufacturer to receive a perentage of the profits, would be a tax deduction for their company and add to your profits. Organise outdoor events, charge fees for walks, birdwatching, exercises for senior citizens, where all proceeds collected go to Animal Rescue. At large events have tables and stands, stalls and a clown to make the most of this event. This will need to be organised at least three months in advance to get all participants on board. Put coin collection boxes in every shop and let this be done by volunteers, with a pamphlet for the counters also in windows. Charge fees for a pet-a-thon, where animals/an animal from the shelter is used as your spokesperson for the day, going around to visit aged citizens, going to creches and schools making children aware of animals. Fundraising is an ongoing, all year long activity for non-profits, so use every event happening in your area to be there signing up donors and pledges, selling merchandise and getting names for your email list.