Fostering Versus Adoption In Animal Rescue

The annual figure for abandoned and lost animals rescued by local authorities in the United Kingdom has reached the 125,000 mark, and this is just for dogs. While the number for cats rescued is just as alarming, there are not enough homes to be found for the cats and dogs rescued, so twenty per day are put down.

This sad and terrible situation can be helped by animal lovers willing to open their hearts and homes to foster an animal, with a view to adopting the dog or cat and eventually making the animal a part of your family. These animals were once someone’s pet, who knows why they ended up on the streets, but they have no voice to speak for themselves, so need to go to good homes where they will be loved and cared for.

Significant differences

The difference between fostering and adopting a pet from an animal rescue shelter is basically the same, except that fostering gives you and the animal an adjustment period to see if you’re both a good match for each other. Adoption is a permanent solution to rehoming a rescued animal.

An animal gives back so much more love than a human can ever hope to return. By fostering, with a view to adopting, you will earn that animals undying love for having saved them. The benefits of fostering are: that the animal that you get to foster from a rescue shelter will already have had a health check which saves you the expense of costly vet bills. All rescue animals are inoculated, neutered and, also micro-chipped for identification purposes.

Animal rescue societies test and asses for behavioural patterns, and problems in different situations, in order to match them with an appropriate foster or adoptive family’s home situation. This includes the ability to adapt to your lifestyle and also to the time you can give to caring for the animal. You know from the outset that most of the teething problems of adjusting to a new pet in the house are already taken care of before you bring your new member home to meet your family.

Animal rescue shelters are always on hand to help if you have any problems after you take your rescued animal home. After all they spend their lives caring for animals and are a fount of knowledge on all things in this regard. If you apply to foster a rescued animal, you need to make sure beforehand that you have time to care for the animal. If you find you cannot, that circumstances don’t allow you to carry on the fostering or adoption, the rescue services will try to rehome the animal, if you can bear to part with them.