Dog Fostering

Fostering a dog is a worthwhile cause, you are giving a warm, loving caring environment to a dog that would be otherwise waiting in an animal shelter until a permanent home for it is found. You might also be saving the dog’s life, as many animal shelters have too many animals to rehome and a percentage of these animals do get put down.

Dogs make wonderful pets and will give you back tenfold the love you give them. Every home needs a dog as they are not only loyal and loving, but are friends for the elderly, companions for children, and safeguards and protectors for homeowners, being the warning of strangers at the door.

The reasons for fostering a dog can be varied and are often personal, but can include:

  • Making space available for another unfortunate animal at the shelter
  • Ensuring that at least one pet is given a chance at a life outside the confines of a kennel.
  • Providing protection and acquire new skills in pet care that might be something you’ve been missing.
  • Acquiring a lifetime companion that you could teach and learn new things from.
  • Healing the pet from perhaps an abusive life so they can regain their trust and social confidence.