Decorating an Animal Rescue Centre

Animal rescue centres in the UK are wonderful charities to help pets find a new home. There are numerous benefits to volunteering at these kinds of charities. One issue to be aware of is that these organisations do not always have the budgets to decorate interiors in an elegant way. However, if animal rescue centres purchase their d├ęcor from Royal Design, they can get affordable items that look great. Owners of rescue centres can buy a plethora of products from Royal Design.

Chairs and Stools

One of the most essential pieces of furniture to get for the centre is something for staff and visitors to sit on. People who come into the centre because they are interested in fostering cats can sit on the chairs as they wait to be seen. It is common for waiting areas to have plenty of seating available. If chairs are not suitable, then stools could be purchased instead. Centre owners are bound to find something that suits their needs on Royal Design.


An animal rescue centre almost always has bathroom facilities. Whilst paper towels and hand dryers are common, it is sometimes a better idea to go for handtowels instead. There is a wide range of towels from Royal Design which can be bought from their website. They will make an animal rescue bathroom look much more refined. This is a particularly good idea for staff bathrooms as each worker can be assigned their own towel. Doing so will ensure they are not shared, which will maximise cleanliness.

Holiday Decorations

Many businesses and charities choose to decorate their establishments for the holidays. Animal rescue centres are no exception. When coming up with a Christmas budget, it is essential to be aware of the funding available to the charity. This will dictate how much can be spent on the decorations. In order to save money it is a good idea to order them from Royal Design. The site has everything a centre needs to celebrate the festive season.


Decent lighting is also important for rescue centres. This is vital not just for the staff and visitors but also the animals that are being housed in the building. People who visit the Royal Design site will notice there is a wide range of lamp styles to choose from. It is best to go for one that conforms to the overall interior design of the centre.

Kitchen Appliances

Centres will often contain kitchens where staff members can prepare their meals. Alternatively, it could be used to store pet food. Regardless of the main function, Royal Design has many kitchen products relevant to animal rescue centres.


On occasion, staff members may be required to stay overnight at the centre. When this happens, they will appreciate having decent Royal Design bedding. These items are both comfortable and stylish. They are ideal for ensuring that shelter workers get a proper nights sleep